Motor Sport Australia Event Entry

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Club motor sport disciplines


Introductory level event, where drivers, as young as 12, must negotiate a set course around marker poles in the fastest time possible without knocking any markers. This teaches the acceleration, manoeuvring and braking skills of a motor vehicle. This is conducted on gravel or bitumen surfaces at relatively low speeds.


KhanacrossSimilar rules to a Motorkhana, but at a slightly higher speed and longer distances, which increases the required skills level further. This type of event can be conducted on gravel or tarmac and can be up to 1.5km long.


Rally sprints are held on gravel (predominately), up to 5 kms long, and usually conducted on private property. Rallysprint level events require competitors car to have a full MA approved rollcage & 5 point harnesses. Drivers, have to be at least 16 years of age, an hold appropriate CAMS licence.


RallyThese range from a small Club Rally, to State, National and World Championships. These events test driver, navigator and machinery over a minimum of 100 kms of fast roads. Rallies can be conducted on either tarmac or gravel surface, over a number of timed stages on closed roads.

Street sprints/Hill climbs

The events are generally held on closed tarmac public roads, where drivers race against the clock over the same track layout. Examples include Gatton, Leyburn & Oakey street sprints. Hill climbs as the name suggests are usual performed up a hill. We currently host the CQ Crane Hire Gold Rush Hill Sprint in July each year (est 2018)


Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally slides their vehicle, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. Drifting competitions are judged based on single vehicle or tandem vehicle, line, angle, and speed and show factor. Tandem drift (two cars) are on the course at the same time, taking turns as the lead car and the chasing car. This is an offensive/defensive setup designed to find out who can drift best under pressure. The lead car must avoid the chasing car and at the same time execute an ideal drift; meanwhile, the chasing car is trying to mess up the lead car by getting in its way and is also trying to achieve its own ideal drift. Fantastic Spectator sport. Drifting is the fasting growing motorsport in the world today.


CQMSC uses are variety of venues around Central Queensland from current club leased land, to private properties, forestry plantations to other car club’s properties.

Rosel Park, Rockhampton

This is the CQMSC clubs property located at the southern end of Quay Street, Depot Hill, it is leased from Rockhampton Regional Council on a yearly basis. Due to the size of the property, events are limited to dirt / gravel motorkhanas and khanacross only. The land is part of the Yeppen flood plain which often means full access to our venue is limited.

Gracemere Live Stock Exchange Saleyards, Gracemere

The saleyards are located on the Highway on the western outskirts of Gracemere. We hire this facility on a day basis. We have a great relationship with the operators of the saleyards; however their core business comes first so we are limited to days.  The saleyards provides the only large tarmac venue in the region. Tarmac events are very popular, especially with the CQ Drift Alliance and spectators.

Byfield State Forest

This has been the clubs main venue for conducting rally and rallysprints for several of years. Recently (the last 2-3 years) we have been unable to use this venue due to enviromental factors, mainly flooding and subsequent road damage and in the summer months Byfield has experienced excessive fire risk hazards.

Mandalay Park, Mt Morgan

This privately owned property is located 20km west of Mt Morgan on the Burnett Highway, and is used irregularly for Rallysprint events as an alternative to Byfield. At this venue we can only use a small parcel of land .

Tonker Park, Proserpine

Tonker Park is owned by the Whitsundays Sporting Car Club and boasts both gravel and tarmac facilities. This venue hosts motorkhanas, khanacross, rallysprint, as well as circuit racing and has a large drift following.

The CQMSC has used a number of other sites on a more infrequent basis or once only for specific purposes ie local shows.