The Club

The Club


The Central Queensland Motor Sporting Inc. was formed in Rockhampton in 1959. CQMSC was promoting Rally and Speedway. Overtime the speedway enthusiast branched out forming their own association, leaving CQMSC to run all other forms of motorsport in the area.

CAMS-logoIn the early 1970’s, the club became affiliated with CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), the National Sporting Authority. This allowed insurance cover, conformity and regulation of all events. CAMS continues to be internationally recognised, for the high safety standards, training programs, fairness & social responsibility.

Since affiliation, the club conducts a variety of events from club Motorkhana and Khanacross events, Rallysprints, up to full forest Rallies. The club also has a strong junior development program in place. Our aim is to promote safer driving and driver education at both junior and senior levels through motorsport in controlled environments.

In 2002, CQMSC ran our 1st State Rally Round (Queensland Rally Championship [QRC]), which was based at Rydges Capricorn Resort in Yeppoon. This event proved to be a favourite with the state’s top drivers, crews, officials and sponsors. Due to new management at the resort, and limitations at Byfield, it has not been possible to run this event since 2011.


CQMSCThe club is one of the largest car clubs north of Brisbane, currently organizes approximately 15 plus events each year, including a round of the Queensland Motorkhana and Queensland Rally Championships. CQMSC is a non-profit organisation.

The club holds monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Diggers Bowls Club starting at 7.30 p.m. These meeting are growing in popularity as our membership base increases.

CQMSC conducted events have an excellent safety record – No reportable incidents (requiring emergency services) at events in the last 20 years and are known state-wide for running well organised / professional events which are often the favourites for many competitors.

The club has recently attracted a number of Motorsport enthusiasts from the drift car scene (CQ DRIFT ALLIANCE). These members are looking for a legal avenue to learn how to drift, hold Drift sessions, and maintain their skills and getting it off the street and race legal. As an indication of its popularity it has over 500 local followers on Facebook established for less than 6 months.

Member base

With 92 financial members (15/7/2014). Our member’s skills and involvement ranges from local events through to international events.

As a club we have members involved in either competition or officiating:

  • Club events (Motorkhanas, Khanacross, Rally sprints, Drifting)
  • Multi-club events (Motorkhanas, Khanacross, Rally sprints, Rallies, Drifting)
  • State events (Motorkhanas, QRC)
  • National events (ARC, Targa Tasmania, Targa High Country)
  • International (Time trail circuit racing [Nürburgring, Germany], WRC Coffs Harbour)

Our member demographics are considerably, we have ages ranging from 12 year olds up to 65 years old from all walks of life. Many of our members are owner/operators of business in a variety of fields in the local area.

  • Automotive industry
  • Civil & construction
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Driver training
    • L-P platers
    • High schools
    • Performance


Increasingly, the general community is aware of high risk motoring activities being conducted on public roads, unfortunately sometimes with tragic results, as a community we need to get illegal street racing off the public roads and into a safer environment.

One of the key points in the CQMSC Mission Statement is ‘To promote and encourage in every way possible the cause of road safety and accident prevention within our community’, we see our club has a unique position where by if we can provide a facility to give motoring enthusiasts a safe alternate we can better fulfil our mission as a club.

Get it (Street Racing) off the streets into a complex which is close, legal, controlled and able to be run on a regular basis. CQMSC could offer local driver training companies a suitable venue to use as full driver training complex with skid pad and gravel roads again in a safe controlled environment. CQMSC is still predominately a gravel event based club. However the club sees itself ideally positioned to expand.

We see the need to offer all forms of motorsport a complex that can hold the following- Rally, Drift Racing, Drag racing, Circuit racing, Speedway, Burnout pads and Four wheel drive trails, these all are growing sports with huge fan base. The growing popularity for tarmac events which is being catered for at the saleyards is very limited for space and time frame to suit all parties. The drift alliance is growing in popularity and there will be a greater need for the club to run drift events as stand alone.

CQMSC is looking for a suitable venue for the activities listed on the Events page – the club is very motivated on this issue, CQMSC as members have been looking for suitable land for 6 months. A meeting was held on the 17th February 2014 at Rockhampton Automatics (61 Charles St North Rockhampton), with attendance by Bruce Young (MLA), Clay Weston (CQMSC President), Gordon Fischer (past President and long term CQMSC member), Craig Jervis (Owner Rockhampton Automatics and CQMSC member), Riley Blackburn (CQ Drift Alliance and a CQMSC member), to discuss with Bruce Young MLA the need for a Motorsport Complex in Rockhampton/Yeppoon region, asking mainly information on how we can obtain land & funding opportunities, with an initiative to promote vehicle safety and responsible vehicle use.

A legal and sanctioned off-street racing complex where the young and young-at-heart can experience the thrill of racing in a fun and safe controlled environment.​ It is hoped that with the correct choice of land we can over time with funding develop one of the finest motorsport complexes in Australia.