Rockynats volunteers – last call

Rockynats volunteers – last call

Less the 1 months out so its the last call for  volunteers

You are not expected to work the whole event or even all day but a minimum of half a day would be appreciated

If your interested could you email me ( the following info:

area of interest: Pick as many as you want but not a guarantee  (Officials; *Scrutineer *Scrutineering Admin *Scrutineering Traffic Marshals *Burnouts *Cruise Route Traffic Marshal *Street Parade Form-Up Team *Show n Shine Parking Marshal *Motorbikes)
Availability: Pick as many as you want (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun)
T Shirt Size:
dietary requirements:

Also if you have any questions for Rockynats that you would like me as the club rep to ask, let me know and I’ll see what answer i get