2018 Break Up – Observation Run 19-Jan-2019

2018 Break Up – Observation Run 19-Jan-2019

Hello Club Members.

2019 has arrived and its time for the club annual break up, this year instead of the usual dinner and drinks at a local clubhouse we thought that since we are a motoring club we might get members to dust of their favourite four-wheel mode of transport and bring it to a social observation run starting at Rosel Park at 1:00pm 19th January 2019 and finishing a few hours later in a place that you will discover!!  On arrival, we will have a sausage sizzle and drinks (BYO Alcohol) followed by a few presentations.

The event is free to all financial club members from 2018, and $5.00 per person if you want to bring a friend/s (to cover food/soft drinks)

For those of you who are new to Observation Runs the event is very social untimed clue hunt where you are provided with a set of directions which  have questions pertaining to your local environment, some of the questions will be quite cryptic (blame Annette Benson’s devious mind) and some very easy to encourage participation from kids and backseat drivers.  😛  For your safety (and fun) you will need a driver and co-driver as a minimum, if you don’t have a second person, please give us a call and we might be able to find you one.

All roads will be sealed, so even if you don’t have the dirt pack option fitted to your car it will be fine.  😆

Once we have the permit back from CAMS we will publish the entry form here.