2016 CQMSC Presentation Awards

2016 CQMSC Presentation Awards

On behalf of CQMSC would like to congratulate the follow Members on their achievements in 2016 event calendar.

Motorkhana                                Khanacross                                Perpetual Trophies                  

A/B Class                                       A Class                                             Motorkhana

1st Andrew Mitchell                  1st Gordon Fischer                                   Coby Mitchell

2nd Dave Watson                       2nd Alan Prisgrove

C Class                                           B Class                                             Ladies Motorkhana

= 1st Tony Stennett                  1st Peter Barnes                                       Cherie Collins

= 1st Gordon Fischer                2nd Luke Lowien                                       Khanacross

3nd Glen Gammon                  3rd Luke Barnes                                          Gordon Fischer

D Class                                         C Class                                                 Rally Driver

1st Dave Hallmark                    1st Dave Hallmark                                       Clay Weston

2nd Peter Barnes                      2nd Glen Gammon                                 Rally Navigator

3rd Luke Lowien                      3nd Heath Constable                                 Brendon Wrigley

Junior Class                                      4WD                                                Rallysprint

1st Coby Mitchell                      1st Nick Tomkinson                                     Darren Baker

2nd Ben Barnes                        2nd Rod Blanchard

3rd Mitchell Tomkinson

Ladies                                            Junior                                                

1st Cherrie Collins                    1st Ben Barnes

2nd Coby Mitchell

3rd Mitchell Tomkinson

4wd                                                 Ladies

1st Nick Tomkinson                 1st Cherrie Collins

2nd Rod Blanchard                  2nd Megan Benson


SHELL Trophy – Austin Perry (AUSSIE)

CQMSC Also awarded 4 members for their very dedicated volunteer work that has not gone unnoticed, A lot of events around Queensland would not run if it wasn’t for these members. So we congratulate you

An these awards went to – Annette Benson, Danny Benson, Ross Makela and Paul Makela.

If your name is on the list and where unable to attend awards night you can pick up from North Rockhampton Mechanical as they will be stored in CQMSC container.

Again thanks to all for a great year, The best part is we can do it all again this year.


Craig Jervis

2016 President.