2 day khanacross

2 day khanacross

The 2 day khanacross is on this weekend, 20th and 21st August

Help required as follows please :

  1. Thursday 5.00 pm at North Rocky Mechanical , sort and load all equipment
  2. Friday 11.45 am tow trailer out to Gracemere
  3. Friday 12 noon till 5.45 pm, set up track
  4. Saturday 6.30 am, finalise track set up
  5. Saturday and Sunday, require time keepers and helpers to re stand any thing knocked over
  6. Sunday 4.00 pm, tear down track and clean up
  7. Sunday late tow trailer back to town.

If any one can assist with any of these roles, please text or ring Gordon on 0448220305

Further regs attached. Further Regs cqlx 20816