Rally Registration gets closer.

Rally Registration gets closer.

Club Members,      I received this email late yesterday from CAMS.  Certainly good news.


Clay Weston – President CQMSC.


Hi all,

I have, this afternoon, spoken with QLD TMR reps to receive an update on progress with the Rally Rego scheme.

The final draft and MOU remains with the department Executive and I have been advised that it is expected for release next week, or at the latest the first days in April. Once CAMS receive the documents we will action immediately with the hope that vehicles that require approval for the scheme can be processed in time for the first round of the QLD Rally Championship on the 18 April 2015. I have also flagged the need to consider a fall back of a temporary permit or UVP, should there be an issue, so those vehicles can still participate in this event if the new Scheme is not confirmed in time.

To date I have been contacted by Warren Morton to discuss his new Charade for his son Wayne and by David Thompson to secure approval for his vehicle to act as ZERO Car.

If you can please all communicate to the QLD Rally community that we are close and to ensure that those that need approval under the scheme have their vehicles and documentation ready to go.

I will finalise the document and process requirements for CAMS next week and will send further advice as it comes to hand.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Scott McGrath – Technical Manager CAMS